DJ Senna

In 2020, she was ranked 1st in Japan, 3rd in Asia, and 19th in the world, in DJANETOP which was the highest ranking ever for a Japanese DJ and she is currently one of the most successful female DJs in Asia.
When she was 3 years old, she started studying ballet and continued for 15 years, and at a German National University, skipped two grades. Using those ballet skills, she does the now famous "180°LEG RAISE" where she raises her left leg up 180 degrees while DJing. She is the only one in the world to be able to do it.
She currently is based in Tokyo, and performs at AGEHA Tokyo, Club VIZEL Shibuya, and other famous venues in Tokyo.
In 2019, she performed overseas, and am planning to do so again this year, when the COVID19 pandemic is over.
Based on her ballet experience, she also does modeling.


After playing in bands from his 10s-20s, he became interested in club music during the disco boom, which occurred towards the latter half of the Bubble Era In 2015,he started DJ activities and presently, he performs at major venues in Tokyo such as ageHa, WOMB, VISION, and WARP.
He is a resident DJ during " PARTY SATURDAY" at Roppongi FYB.
He performs genre's such as 80s House,HIPHOP to FUTURE House, and BASS Music, recent EDM mixes and Western Pops Music which are enjoyed by people of all generations.


Overseas Business Manager
Yoshihiko Noda

Lived in Vancouver, Canada from an early age for 6 years, and lived in Connecticut, USA for 8 years.
After returning to Japan, enters a Japanese University.
After graduating, he worked as an English Teacher, and as a technical translator/interpreter.
He was scouted by the CEO of GROWUP and now works as DJ SENNA's Overseas Business Manager.

Masahiko Namioka

While appearing in numerous TV, radio and events, etc., he provided music for Akina Nakamori, Koji Shimizu, etc., he articipated in recordings as a sound producer, sound director, and sometimes chorus, and then became independent.
After becoming independent, while acting as an adviser of music provision and songwriting, composition, arrangement, etc., As a sound creator or sound director he has been involved with making BGM's for TV program's such as documentary, animation, toys, game machines etc.

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