Masahiko Namioka

Masahiko Namioka        
Vocal / Piano / Guiter / Bass / Compose

While in high school, at 17, he became one of the youngest professional boxers and has an unusual career such as being active in the Boxing Hall of Fame "Korakuen Hall".
After playing in bands, in 1998 he made his major debut as a singer-songwriter.
While appearing in numerous TV, radio and events, etc., he provided music for Akina Nakamori, Koji Shimizu, etc., he participated in recordings as a sound producer, sound director, and sometimes chorus, and then became independent.

After becoming independent, while acting as an adviser of music provision and songwriting, composition, arrangement, etc., As a sound creator or sound director he has been involved with making BGM's for TV program's such as documentary, animation, toys, game machines etc.

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